Virtuális Időutazás

How it works?

First we need an iOS device (iPad 2 / iPad 3 or iPhone 4/4S) and GPS coordinates. After we’ve reached the position, we have to calibrate the device at eye level. The picture seen on the screen we have to fit on the setting in front of us (1. figure). It’s very important to do it accurately, or else the application will give a wrong picture.

001 (1. figure)

Press the timetravel button (2. figure) and the reconstructed setting will be seen on the screen (3. figure).

before (2. figure) after (3. figure)

In the panorama view we can move in 360 degrees. It’s working only in one point yet, later we are going to integrate the GPS-based positioning to move free. The application still works on iOS, the Android version is under developing.